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Services and Programs

1 / Ask A Physical Therapist

A 20 minute Q&A session designed as an open forum to help you on your rehab, healthcare, and wellness journey. 


  • Did you suffer an injury or illness that resulted in a hospital stay? Learn about the rehab process and how to navigate the healthcare system following an injury or illness

  • Did you finish rehab but don’t feel confident or ready to tackle your goal? Let’s tackle it together

2 / Goal Crusher  Subscription

$250 per month 

Allows you to get the most personalized care to fit your needs.


  • Onboarding interview and evaluation

  • Baseline testing

  • Activity Tracking

  • 2 Virtual Personal Training Sessions per week

  • 1 Independent Workout per week

  • Free Consults

  • Monthly Newsletter

3 / Individualized Programming

4 weeks of goal oriented and outcome driven workouts 


  • Fitness 

  • Core Stabilization

  • Mobility and Flexibility

  • Balance and Fall Reduction

  • Strength program

  • Endurance program

4 / Personal Training

One-on-one attention virtual 45 minute sessions

  • First Session - onboarding and baseline testing: $60

  • $40 per session

  • $300 for a 10 pack


A neural organization system used to deliver more complete and balanced human performance programs consistently improving pain, range of motion, mobility, and athletic performance.

  • 30 minute in-home session

6 / Flexibility & Range of Motion

A 30 minute in-home session of individualized stretching and mobility to improve flexibility, maintain joint health, and assist with recovery

7 / Muscle Recovery

A 30 minute in-home session of targeted tissue mobilization to assist with recovery. May include: cupping, scrapping

Give Your Body What It Needs

For Bookings, Purchase, and Inquiries 

Call or Text: 551.775.1990


To decrease cost and avoid passing credit card fees on to the consumer, Kinetic Rx LLC has made the decision to only accept Chase Quick Pay and Zelle payments at this time.


If you would like to make a purchase, please contact us directly for billing and payment.

*Taxes not included.

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