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Kinetic Rx is a fitness, wellness, and consulting company for people of all abilities looking to enhance their engagement in life.

We seek to help clients build healthy habits to improve confidence, prevent injuries, improve overall health and wellbeing.

Reach Your Potential

Dr. Elaina Mezzasalma, PT, DPT, NCS


Dr. Elaina

Kinetic Rx was founded by

Dr. Elaina, PT, DPT, NCS.


Dr. Elaina earned her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of Miami and obtained her Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from Rutgers University. She competed in collegiate level track and field as a javelin thrower. Staying fit and preventing injuries was her number one goal while competing, which inspired her to become a physical therapist in the health and wellness industry.

She has extensive experience in orthopedic and sports settings as well as in inpatient rehab. She has enjoyed treating overuse injuries and post-surgical semi-pro and youth athletes; however, her passion has become helping patients to walk again post-stroke and post-traumatic injury. Throughout her clinical career, Dr. Elaina has gained an appreciation for stroke and vestibular rehab, pain science, orthopedics, as well as strength and conditioning for the female athlete. She holds a board certification as a Neurological Clinical Specialist.

Dr. Elaina is enthusiastic about wellness, injury prevention, and health equity. She is passionate about promoting exercise as medicine and hopes to instill new attitudes towards health and wellness in all of her clients as they work towards achieving their goals. In her spare time, she enjoys going on runs, trying new recipes, golfing, playing pickleball, and rock climbing.

NJ License # 40QA01796400

NYS License # 043553


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"I was able to learn new stretches and sleep without pain... Starting back walking with the ladies on Monday"


July 2023

"Elaina helped get me on track in my rehab journey"


February 2023

"I knew something wasn't right...Elaina gave me valuable advice and helped me seek a second opinion"


October 2022


Kinetic Rx

Fitness Wellness Consulting

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